I posted this on my other blog, which I really didn’t mean to do–it is supposed to focus on my loom knitting.  But it was such a big deal, I couldn’t help but post it there.  So here is the BIG news:

Lots of life changes have been happening here.  It has been one thing after another–it seems that I am trying to cram all the things that are supposed to happen over the course of about 10 years into about a month and a half.    Seems like I am joking, but really, very serious.  So I’ll try to start at the somewhat beginning.

I had a lousy marriage before.  I tried my hardest to make it work, tried to pretend it was all wonderful and would eventually work itself out.  Everyone said the first year is always the hardest, but four years…it was a bit much, and only getting worse.  Last December, as posted before, I left and divorced him.  It did break my heart because I would (and do) miss my stepsons, despite the problems that we had.  My ex actually was quite understanding on why I left, and we did end up going through the divorce as easily as could be expected.  We agreed that we would be fine with the other dating before the divorce was finalized, which is where the next big step happened.

I had moved in with my grandfather to help take care of him.  Over the Christmas break (work at the university meant we had two weeks off), I was up late watching TV often.  One night I saw the eHarmony commercial, and normally would roll my eyes, but this time I thought about it and signed up for three months.  Two weeks later, I met my hubby-to-be.  Dan and I went thru the whole eHarmony process, then we emailed, talked all night on the phone many nights, and then met–already in love. 

Everyone who met him and saw us together knew we were meant to be.  We moved in together at the end of Feb, and started planning out our future.  We decided to get married in May, after my college graduation–yet another huge accomplishment that happened.  On May 6, his parents came in from Colorado to take care of the dogs while we went on a weekend getaway from May 7-9th.  It was wonderful–a beautiful bed and breakfast, a helicopter ride, and him proposing to me.    It was perfect!

May 14th I graduated from college with my BAAS in Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.  Backing up a little…I had left my job at the UPD at the beginning of March when I had to choose between my job and school.  Obviously school won out–I was in my internship, which also happened to be at the UPD.  It was a bit, uh, strange, but I got through it.  I was happy and scared–I had been in school for 13 years, and now I didn’t know what to do.  After talking about it, we decided I would start my own business consulting others on sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, plus a few other topics that are related. 

Then it was time for the wedding…five days after my graduation.  It was awesome…we got married in a cave with only 16 people there, including us and the JP.  We decided to take the tour as well, so we did the educational thing on the way to the back of the cave, stopped, got married, then came back out of the cave.  After we all had dinner at a restaurant, new hubby and I took a mini-honeymoon for three days about 2 hours away from us, and then came back. 

When we returned home, I found out that my grandfather passed away the morning after the wedding.  It was upsetting, but he was not happy and was not leading any quality of life.  I didn’t go to the funeral; I can’t handle them, and with all the things that had been happening in the weeks before, I was on an emotional rollercoaster.  The thought of going through even more was not something that I thought that I could handle.   I pushed on with starting my consulting business, and was very thrilled that I retained my first client within the first week!!  I worked on the project for that client, and then hubby and I were off again to visit friends in Dallas–the weekend of June 11-13.  We had a lot of fun, but I was always tired, feeling up then down, then tired or energetic.  It was when we got home that Sunday that we started thinking, then running out the door to Walgreens…

For those who have read my blog before, they know what a rollercoaster I went through with my ex.  So many can understand just how excited I was when I took the six pregnancy tests and saw them all pop up PREGNANT!!  I wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive without the assistance of drugs and IVF, so this was the most amazing surprise!  We had already been looking at adoption since we had gotten married, both of us accepting that we would most likely not have a child of our own.  I am thrilled, he is thrilled, and our life has been turned upside down–or at least mine.  Why?  Because it was over the vacation that we left for to visit Colorado–the 18th thru the 26th–I really began to show.  I packed for the trip a day before we left, and even tho I had put on a little over 10 lbs since we conceived, all my clothes fit (I thought).  My weight has always fluctuated in a 10 lb range.  However, this time things are different…I am going straight out, not equal at all angles.  So we had to go to get some clothes for me to wear a few days into the trip since nothing fit anymore.  Then, like most pregnant women, there are the wonderful mood swings–my tolerance for people picking on me has gotten to be extremely short.  This was a key factor in my mother and I not getting along for a lot of the trip, as well as since I have been home. 

I understand that our families are happy for us, but at the same time, they haven’t been through what I have been through.  I have had to explain that it isn’t her right to tell everyone everything–it is still early, first of all, and second, there are certian people in her life that I don’t want knowing.  Mainly her best friend–her eldest daughter (my former childhood best friend) is pregnant as well, and they tend to put us in competition or comparison.  I deal with that in my family, I don’t need to hear everything about another one or “compete” with another person on who has it harder.  I am too old for that!  Now, my mother’s best friend’s youngest daughter has taken it upon herself to email everything to my ex–including pictures–thanks to Facebook (she is now blocked, didn’t think that I had to keep these things from her) and my mom, too.  Ok, that huge gripe done, that has been the biggest issue with life and pregnancy.   Now that it has mostly been dealt with, all is much better. 

Of course, since we found out we are pregnant, my first thought was I wnat to know what the baby’s gender is…I need to knit!!  I started knitting a generic colored blanket, but it isn’t as satisfying as knitting something in particular.  I also want to do a pair of Bethany’s booties (and BTW–”Bethenny” is a front runner for a girl’s name!!)…just want to know if it is a boy or girl!!  My mom is also going to cross-stitch something, but again, I want to wait to see what we are expecting.  We have see pictures, tho–we  saw our little “peanut” on Wednesday!  It was stunning…the little heartbeat…it still make me want to cry.  So here is “Peanut” in his/her first picture!! (we are betting–I am guessing a boy at this point!)


I have noticed on this blog I tend to ramble.  🙂  I love to ramble, so forgive me if it is too much….

Well, it’s finished.  My grad project is done, and it is turned in.  I did another staying-up-two-nights-in -a-row thing–and realized yet once again that that is something that is tailor-made to a younger generation.  When it was done, I was cranky (to put it it nicely), tired, and relieved all at the same time.  So once that was finished, new things began to pop up.

One evening while typing away for my paper, the wedding thoughts started coming up.  Originally Dan and I had discussed having an October wedding on a cruise ship to avoid all the planning.  However, it took several magazines for me to realize that it wasn’t going to happen that way–can you guess why?  Yep–it will be 10/10/10 that everyone and their puppy wants to get married, and go figure it is on a weekend.  Then the second blow to that idea came with the news that it was going to be a more active hurricane season this year. 

After coming to terms with this, I also began to think about family.  I hated the thought that his parents would be missing the event.  Dan is their only son, and it wouldn’t be fair to take that away from them…getting to see us get married.  So I talked it over with Dan and we agreed to have a small, very small wedding with a JP here.  It was going to still be October…but then we got to see what it was like to pay for my meds and dr visit without insurance.  So back to the drawing board it was, and back to planning something, and fast.

MUCH fast-forwarding–I’ll spare the many details to try to get to today.  The wedding is tomorrow.  🙂  There are only 16 people coming, including us and the judge.  Dan had planned a weekend at a bed and breakfast, and after a helicopter tour, he proposed (it was only two weeks ago–the wedding was already planned and booked–lol).  It was fun and wonderful, and even though I knew that it was going to happen, it was still just perfect.  They even put it in their blog!  Tomorrow, we are getting married in a cave, then off for two days in a mini-honeymoon to visit a few places that we had seen from the helicopter that we wanted to see.  🙂

Inbetween the times of getting engaged and the wedding tomorrow, I did graduate.  I walked across the stage and got the empty diploma holder, and then walked out of the ceremony–a bonus of being handicapped.  I didn’t have to sit thru the remainder of the 300 people behind me.  Dan and I had our engagement pictures taken, as well as my graduation pictures.  Here’s a small sampling…

There are more, but will have to post them later.  For now…I have lots to get ready for!!

I am really one of the world’s best procrastinators.  Every now and then, I also realize (as I am cramming to get things done) that I have already done something once, and realize that I am just “recreating the wheel” as my old partner would say.  Today I realized that the educational program I have been working on is something I have already done, and only needs a little bit of tweaking to make it perfect.  Silly me.  Oh, well–it means that I can now move on to another section of my project.

I was supposed to go last Tuesday to San Marcos to meet with Robert and my friend Jay (from Arlington), but I overslept.  I ended up being late, not getting anything accomplished that I wanted to get done, and only got to see Jay for about 4o minutes or so–which was sad, because I hadn’t seen him in four months.  I have a feeling now, too, that it is going to be a lot longer before I see him or tak to him again.  It’s sad, and I have to get to the point that I know that we aren’t going to be friends like we used to be.  Now that Dan is in my life, he has it in his mind that I don’t need him anymore, and he has other issues to focus on.  I understand that, I really do, but there are times that I need to talk to a close friend, and being ignored actually hurts.

The other friend that I thought was a friend was someone that I thought I was close to since almost birth.  Let’s call her “KK” since otherwise, this will be confusing.  🙂  Every time that something has happened in my life, good or bad, KK was the first person I called or emailed (depending on how emotional I was–sometimes you just can’t talk, you know?).  It took until yesterday for me to realize that she hasn’t been that way with me.  My mom called to tell me that KK is pregnant with twins–fraternal.  I asked if KK had been having problems conceiving (like I had been with my ex for four years, going thru all sorts of treatments until diagnosed with PCOS), and my mom told me that they had.  They had been trying for several years, and are just now telling people–KK had told her mom, who is best friends with my mom, knowing that my mom would tell me (follow that??  *grin*).  Mind you, this friend of mine and I are 28 days apart, so we have been around each other for as long as either can remember, now almost 31 years. 

Back to what I was saying, after hearing about the twins and that KK had had the fertility problems like I did, well, it was the final straw.  Things I had shoved in the corner of my mind for the past four years came bursting through, things I thought I had let go of.  It was the first REAL time KK had hurt me.  My wedding to my ex–she had the bridesmaid dress that I picked out, and the day before KK told me that there had been a stain on it that the cleaners wouldn’t be able to get it out in time.  A few days before, my mom had told me that my wonderful friend had told her mom that she had sold the dress.  When KK told me about the stain, I already knew.  But I smiled, and let it go–and she wore a black dress to my wedding.  She was my only attendant.  My “best friend.”  Almost exactly a year later, KK got married.  Didn’t even know she had gotten engaged until I got a bridal shower invite.  At the shower, I was ignored–all KK’s sorority sisters were there, and I told my mother I was ready to stab myself with my fork so I could leave and get back to my stepsons, where I would be talked to and loved.  KK never asked me to be in her wedding–not a bridesmaid, not someone to do a reading, not even to stand by the guest book.  I left after the wedding–my stomach was quite upset; not from food, but I am sure from being hurt.  KK, as usual, ignored me there, too. 

During this time, my ex and I were trying to get pregnant.  We had been trying since about a month before we married, and were trying up til almost the end.  As I said before, I had a whole mess of issues in that department (PCOS, arthritis in knees and hips, and now diabetes–at 105lbs).  I did have other friends getting pregnant and a few others that were having fertility issues, and still I talked to all of them as well as they with me.  The past few years, apparantly KK had been trying as well, with the same PCOS issues as myself.  It is a very rough struggle to go through, especially when you have a horrible spouse (my ex).  I called her during this time.  She never said a word, just sorry for my troubles.  I called her when I left my ex, she said she was sorry but had always known he was wrong for me (great pep talk).  I emailed KK to tell her about my happiness and future with Dan, and that I was finally graduating from college with my BAAS after 13 years–I got a congrats, then a lecture on how wonderful her husband is because they dated for two years before getting married (funny thing was, I never even knew KK was dating, or engaged, as she had never told me; I just happened to find out about the engagement from my mom via her mom…noticing a pattern??…), and that I am obvoiusly making a mistake since I haven’t even been with him as long as KK had been with her wonderful husband.  She has not met, nor even made the effort to see us together, which means that her opinion is nothing. 

Originally, I was going to email KK to confront her that way.  My emotions we not quite restrained, and I was trying to tamper them by being slightly non-confrontational; however, this time, I couldn’t do it.  I had to make the call.  I called her, originally opening with the dress.  Instead of the truth, there was another lie.  And another.  Then I told her that I knew for a fact what had happened to the dress, and had known for about a week before she had told me of the “stain” that couldn’t be removed.  After that, she did almost tell the truth, saying that she was embarassed she had gained some weight and had sold it to a shop or to a place that would sell it for cheap to girls who couldn’t afford prom dresses.  Ah, the ever giving sweetheart.  Still, a lie.  From there, I asked about her wedding–how she could be my only attendant and me not have any part of her wedding.  She said that there were just too many girls to choose from, and not everyone could be a part.  Girls she had known for three years had been picked over her friend of 27 years.  To that–she had nothing to say that could justify anything.  I didn’t want the excuse–maybe that is the weird part.  I needed to let go, needed it for me to get closure.  My last part of the confrontation was the fertility issues/twins/why she wouldn’t talk to me instead of thru our moms.  KK said that being diagnosed with PCOS was really hard, it was depressing, and she was very happy about the twins so going thru her mom seemed the best plan.  I tried to talk to her about PCOS when I was going through it–apparantly at the same time–and she cut me out.  Just a pat on the back thru an email.  So I did what I needed to do, something that has been a long time coming.  I told her I now understand, and I would talk to her sometime later eventually.  Then hung up.  Yes, I cried the whole time, but it hurts when you end a 31 year friendship.  After hanging up, I sent a text telling her to  please toss out my graduation invitation.  That hurt too–those things are expensive, you know?  🙂   A little light humor…

But when a door closes, a window opens, as they say.  It wasn’t but a few hours later that I found a friend on Facebook I hadn’t heard from in quite a few years.  Seeing as I haven’t slept all night and he wasn’t sleeping either (both of us due to stress), we sat and talked about life and high school up til just a bit ago–almost 6am.  It was great to catch up with an old friend, know that there is someone who still remembers me and remembers that we had a good friendship.  So my spirits are back up, and am back to feeling more on the normal side.  And motivated to do more today–like really hammer out the strategic plan.

So no more procrastination.  Maybe it is time that I have a friend that is real…someone that is tangible.  It goes against all that I am feeling right now, since people close to me means getting hurt.  But once you fall off, you might as well get back on again. 

So back up I go.

I really didn’t think that today was going to be a good day.  I woke up with another migraine (need to figure out how to stop that–the meds are quite expensive) and it took awhile for the meds to knock it down. 

As soon as I was feeling somewhat normal, I went back to working on my educational presentation.  Only about three weeks left til my project is due, and then my graduation in mid May.  I am excited–13 years of work is finally paying off!  The due date for my final project is getting here faster and faster, and sometimes I get worried that I am not going to make it in time.  Then I start to think about how long it has taken me to get to this point, to get to finally graduate, and I buckle down and work twice as hard.  I still have tons of ideas, and sometimes I get irritated because I can’t do it all.

While I was working on all of this, I began to think again about what I want to do.  I loved working for the PD and going to classes to lecture the students on safety and sexual assault.  I remember helping several students a semester  make it thru their classes just by asking how they were holding up and if they needed help with anything, or by really listening to them and being there for them.  Not only did I enjoy doing that part of my job, I was good at it.  So that led to the thinking…why not do that now?  I don’t have to work at a police department to be a guest lecturer in classes–people come in all the time to make presentations.  I decided that I am going to be a consultant.  I have been teaching this particular subject for years, and have personal experience.  My graduation project is creating the educational program for what I teach.  Seems like the perfect job!!  I think I have actually found what I am destined to do, and I couldn’t be happier.  🙂

On a completely different subject, I was listening to the radio today when I heard some disturbing news.  My favorite “talk show” on the radio is the Bobby Bones Show, and while I was catching up on what I had missed this morning, they talked about a new charge that one airline is starting, and others may soon follow.  They are actually going to charge people to use the bathroom!  I also found it on this blog.  I mean seriously, they are already charging for luggage, for carry on, and to use the overhead compartments…but the bathroom??  I am just hoping that someone makes a stand and uses their chair for a toilet instead of having to pay to go…

Tomorrow is a busy day–going to go to the university to get my last check, go spend some time with Robert (best friend/old partner/supervisor of my internship), do some work on my project/internship, and then go meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.  So it is off to bed, and hoping I don’t wake with another migraine!  Too much to do!!  Wish me luck!

For the first time in a long time, I slept past 7am…I actually made it to 11:30a!  Guess I was tired.  Finally figuring out that I am diabetic has made a huge difference in my life, and also has caused a lot of changes to be made.  But that little bit of chocolate before bedtime does wonders for my sleep.  Today we picked up a couple of bags of mini candybars to keep by my bed so that if I start to feel my blood sugar drop, I can get a boost and finish sleeping through the night.

Today was a big day.  We had plans of picking up my bookcase, as Dan and I both love reading and have a massive collection of books.  Plus we keep buying more–Half Price Books is one of our favorite haunts.  🙂  However, it was raining this morning, and according to the weatherman, it will for the rest of the week.  Just means another week of keeping things in boxes.  We still went up to Georgetown to go and see my parents–they wanted to go to eat, and Dan wanted to have THE talk with Dad.  For some reason, they have really taken to this biker bar, and so we had an interesting lunch there, then headed back to the house.  Mom and I went to tend to the garden so the guys could have their conversation and Dan could (or couldn’t) get Daddy’s blessing, and she and I had a good 30 minutes of arranging and watering what she has deemed her “butterfly garden.”  We came back in, I snuggled up to Dan, and then asked, whispering of course, if he had talked to Daddy.  He shook his head–told me Dad had been busy working on his computer and Dan didn’t want to disturb him.  So I told Mom I wanted to look at her books, she said no several times, then finally got the hint.  We ended up really getting into the books, so the guys had plenty of time.  THIS time Dan did talk to my dad.  To both of our surprise, he said that we have his blessing.  🙂

Ever since I was married the first time, my outlook on life and attitude changed dramatically.  I was no longer happy and outgoing, but instead withdrawn and depressed and angry.  Since I have been with Dan, I have been happy and bubbly and back to my old self.  Daddy has seen that, knows it is because of Dan, and is happy for the two of us.  🙂  Now, I just have to wait for Dan to propose…

After the meeting with my parents, we went shopping in town, and of course, we ran into them again there…and again at checkout.  Found it amusing, but they were really happy to see us again…even tho it had only been an hour since we had left.

We are finally relaxing, watching a few movies and me typing here–also mulling over the eight patterns that I want to write out.  They will eventually go up gor sale on a website that Dan is building for me.  I can’t wait!!  Knowing what I want to do is pretty much the easy part; writing out the pattern in a way that the majority will understand and actually putting the words to it is very hard,  It sucks someimes, but the finished product will be well worth it!!

Ok, that’s it for now…have a great rest of the evening, and hope Monday goes well!!

Granted this is not my normal blog.  I have had my looming blog for several years now, and tend to not write as much since life kept popping up and getting in the way.  But life has changed, to a great extent in fact, and I think that now would be a great time to change along with it.

Turning 30 last year kinda was a bit of a wake up call.  It’s been 8 months since my birthday, so 31 is right around the corner.  Like most people, I had my life planned out for a long time.  I was going to graduate from high school, go to college, meet the man of my dreams, graduate in 4 years, then get married and have my first child by 25.  I am really big on planning, lists, and organizing everything.  Granted it isn’t to the point of being OCD, but can turn that way at times.  Of that list, I have accomplished one thing…graduating high school.  I did go to college, but kept changing my major and my interests, then had to start working to pay for rent and other bills, and thus less time for school.  I didn’t meet the man I was going to marry in college, either.  I did get married, however; at age 25, I met my exhusband at a bar I was waitressing at.  It took him 6 months to get me to go on a date.  We were friends, and made great friends, and I was unsure of what it would be like as a couple.  We got married a year and a month after we had met.  I was wife #3, and with wife #2 he had had two children, both boys.  I came into their lives when they were 8 months old and 5 years old.  Before we even married, there were signs it wasn’t going to work. There was a lot of fighting–more than the normal couple.  We had taken on a roommate a few months into our marriage (and our wedding was a disaster, if you could even call it a real wedding–but that’s a whole different story).  So we began to blame him for the stress he and his two girls caused between us, and after awhile, we bought a house.  That didn’t fix the problems either.  I took a job working 65 miles from home at a university police department, and that was two strikes against me there–I was spending too much time driving/using gas and he hated the police (thanks to exwife #1).  I loved my job, loved that I could work with people I had known for over 10 years, and was doing something that could move me up in the world.  Chief insisted I pick a degree and finish, so back into school I went to finish–a BAAS with specialties in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and American Sign Language.  I am happy to say that I am graduating this May 14!!  YAY!!  Anyway, that was another major problem in the relationship.  He was mean, I wouldn’t back down…it just wasn’t meant to be.  After one particularly bad fight, I knew I couldn’t stay any longer or things would escalate.  I finally had all I could take, and told my family I would be leaving him.  A few months later, I did–and moved in to take care of my grandfather.  So those were two major changes–divorcing my husband of 4 years, and then moving in with my 92 year old grandfather to help take care of him and the house. 

One night a few nights into living with Grandpa, I was up late watching TV.  And it was that night that brought on change number three… It is amazing how one simple, seemingly silly decision at the time it was made can totally change your life.  I am sure that many of you have seen the commercials of the couples that are happily and sickeningly in love who met on XYZ website.  There are tons of them…all claiming that if you use their site, there is no doubt that you will find the one person in the world that is meant for you.  And like magic, that person just so happens to be on the exact same website, found you (or vice versa) in the thousands of profiles that are online, and KA-POW!!  You both fall deeply and madly in love, and go to live life happily ever after.  I mean, seriously, what are the odds?? So late one night, I saw one of those commercials, and decided to give it a try anyway.  I wasn’t in a rush to get into a relationship, maybe just date, and if a computer can do the work for me, all the better.  I was going to give it three months and then start going out again on my own.  Then, almost two weeks into it, lo and behold I met someone and we have turned into one of those happy and sickeningly in love couples.  That’s right–eHarmony worked for me.  🙂  Go figure. 

First, I want to say that I did go on dates with two other guys, so it wasn’t like I just met him and that was it.  Both guys were out for one thing, and I wasn’t.  I communicated with a few others online, but it never got far.  There were some that were nice, others that I really didn’t have things in common with, and then some that were just way out there.  But I didn’t want to just give up and say forget it–afterall, I DID pay for three months for the membership.  Then one day I got a communication request from Dan.  Dan and I had a lot in common, and he looked like a nice guy.  So we answered the questions sent back and forth and made it to the emailing phase.  We emailed a few times, then decided to call each other.  He happened to be visiting his family at the time, so we couldn’t meet for coffee or dinner or whatever; instead we spent more time getting to know eachother by phone.  Dan finally returned from his trip and came to see me at work.  I didn’t want to be too excited, but I couldn’t help it.  I couldn’t believe I had fallen for a guy that I had never met in person, something that I had said could never happen.  He called when he parked, and I almost ran out the door…I had to slow myself down or I would be out of breath and look silly.  I walked out the door, turned the corner, and there he was…and it was HIM.  The ONE. From there, things kinda went quick.  Every spare moment, we were together.  When we weren’t together, we were texting or on the phone or emailing or on IM.  My best friend Robert (for plenty about him, you can read my other blog, looming4hope.wordpress.com) said that we needed to move in together, as he could tell just how happy I was and how much my attitude had changed.  My ex (Kip) met him as well, and said the same thing–that I am much happier and we make a wonderful couple.  Not soon after, I introduced Dan to my parents, and after we left, Mom text me and asked if we would ask his parents if they would go on our family vacation in Colorado this June. 

So I moved in with Dan–Grandpa was falling during the day while I was at work, one day actually falling 30 minutes after I left and spent from 6am to 4:45pm on the floor.  He wanted to go into a nursing home (surprisingly confiding this in Dan and not with anyone in the family) with my grandmother, and I moved in with Dan.  Dad wasn’t happy.  He made that perfectly n clear.  The only thing that he screamed at me during that conversation that was right was that I am 30 and can make my own decisions.  Otherwise, he yelled and screamed and said some awful things, and I refused to talk to him until he made the effort to talk to me and let me know that he was out of line with all that he said.  Eventually he sent a text asking if I had replaced my wiper blades on the car, which is his way (and my way) of saying “sorry” and reaching out to talk. 

Now…Dan and I are still extremely happy.  However, Chief told me that I had to choose between my job and school, I chose                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to finish my degree.  When this choice was presented to me, I had less that three months until I graduated–I wasn’t about to throw that away.  I have known Chief for 12 years, and all of a sudden, he was calling me into his office and yelling about one thing or another.  I didn’t understand it then, and still don’t.  I turned in my resignation, took two weeks off, and then signed paperwork to be officially done.  The uncomfortable part of this is that for my graduation capstone project, I am interning at the PD.  Thankfully I can do most at home, but will have to go back to get things signed and proofread before it is submitted.  My project is to set up the framework and design a sexual assault program for the university.  This is very near and dear to my heart, so I really want to get it done and into the right hands. Now that I have left my job (it’s fine because Dan can cover us both, and also all four of our dogs!), I can focus totally on my schoolwork.  However, since I have a short attention span and always want something to occupy my time, I started thinking of businesses I can start and do at home. Dan and I are planning on getting married this fall on a cruise ship (he still has to talk to my parents and then propose in a unique way *wink* but we do have the date picked.  I believe that tomorrow is the day that he will talk to my dad and show him the (absolutely beautiful) ring, and I am pretty positive Dan will propose on the helicopter tour we are taking early next month *big grins*), and I want to be able to work from home like he does most of the time.    I thought about things I am good at, things that I would like to do, and things that would allow me to be flexible and manage the house.  There were two things that immediately came to mind: loom knitting and speaking to college classes/staff development as a sexual assault/child abuse/domestic violence advocate. Then Dan suggested making looms, and I believe that that would be awesome–there are only about five other people/companies who make them.  While we were waiting for a concert to begin a few nights ago, we both discussed the possibilities of what can be done–and we actually came up with some awesome and unique ideas for not only loom knit patterns, but also for new loom designs.  😀  I am super excited about all of these possibilities that we have been coming up with, and can’t wait to get started on this opportunity we have created together.  I am still planning to offer to speak at classes at the university I previously worked at, and perhaps will expand to others as time goes by. 

Ok, I think I have rambled long enough.  If you have made it this far–I am impressed!!  And thank you…I appreciate those who really want to get to know me.  I am excited about this blog, and will hopefully be posting my *shorter* ramblings as time goes on.  Hope everyone is doing wonderfully, and take care!!